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Recombinant Mouse Serum Albumin
Lyophilized Powder
Recombinant mouse serum albumin (rMSA) produced in yeast.
Recombinant HSA
Albagen RF: Reduced fatty Acid
  High purity, low endotoxin, reduced fatty acid preparation (99% FA free) through gentle proprietary process. No buffers or...
Recombinant Human Serum Albumin N15
Albagen: Sterile 5% (>98% N15 Labeled)
New For 2017!  >98% recombinant human serum albumin isotopically labeled N15 (>98%)

Albumin Bioscience

Albumin Bioscience, a business unit of Albumin Therapeutics, is focused on providing specialized albumin products and services to promote the understanding and facilitate applications of human serum albumin in academic research, cell culture and therapeutic development.  Our principal product, AlbagenTM, is a patented, high purity, animal free hypoallergenic recombinant human serum albumin specifically formulated for a variety specialized applications. Other products include recombinant human serum albumin domains I, II, and III, human serum albumin domain specific antibodies, and high purity recombinant mouse serum albumin. 

Whether your interest lies in bulk acquisition, preclinical studies or specialized scientific research, we can help you find the albumin best suited for your current or future applications. Please contact us today 1-866-257-0499 

High Purity – Low Endotoxin – Sterile – Animal Free

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